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The Psychopath Challenge

Something a bit different! Ever wondered if YOU might be a psychopath? Well, here’s the ironic thing: if you’re worried about it then you probably aren’t. Of course, filling in one questionnaire won’t really tell you for sure… but having said that, why not take the “Psychopath Challenge” below? If you do take it it’s important to bear in mind that this is not a diagnostic tool just a general indication of where you might fall on the psychopathic spectrum. Remember, clinicians use a wide range of techniques to reach a diagnosis and questionnaires are just one tool in their box.

On the other hand, if this test reveals a few psychopathic traits then you’re in good company… with those who work in leadership and management positions, as well as high-risk occupations. Find out more…



To Find Out . . .

Indicate the extent with which you agree or disagree with each of the statements below. If you strongly agree give yourself 3 points, if you agree give yourself 2 points, disagree 1 point, and strongly disagree 0 points. Then add up your total and check it against the scale to provide a rough idea of where you are on the psychopathic spectrum.


1.I rarely plan ahead. I’m a spur-of-the-moment kind of person.
2.Cheating on your partner is OK so long as you don’t get caught.
3.If something better comes along it’s OK to cancel a longstanding appointment.
4.Seeing an animal injured or in pain doesn’t bother me in the slightest.
5.Driving fast cars, riding rollercoasters and skydiving appeal to me.
6.It doesn’t matter to me if I have to step on other people to get what I want.
7.I’m very persuasive. I have a talent for getting other people to do what I want.
8.I’d be good in a dangerous job because I can make my mind up quickly.
9.I find it easy to keep it together when others are cracking under pressure.
10.If you’re able to con someone, that’s their problem. They deserve it.
11.Most of the time when things go wrong it’s somebody else’s fault, not mine.

10 Responses to “The Psychopath Challenge”

  1. lea

    My name is Lea, 22 yrs
    I scored 88% on your test and took it only for curiosity because my life is a bit harder than it was when i played my part without conversations with my shrink.
    My early year (untill 19) i was not aware of what big deal it was to do bad stuff to other people, i justify it still. But as i grow older people ar harder to get it on.
    i like what temporary feelings of ‘life’ other people give me. Now its shorter and shorter because i think my traits are getting ”worse”.
    or that im not a cute little girl who can get what i want with charming people in an innocent way that i prefered.
    yea, im living ok …. but when i dont get it right, prehaps have to catche up a bit… i was smoking alot of cannabis to controll my temper.
    not im sober, (without de impulsive things that of course happens when i want. like partying and getting wild beyond measure… its almost funny, everything. i dont feel so much regrets either, its not like i have killed some one haha. i just like to be free and so wild i want to. i have a bit plans, i can lie without remorse.. right now im doing like to boys at once. i like a challenge, life is a challenge. i want to do somthing big like being a chef.. im good at the kitchen… og beautysalonng … im somwhat shallow so as long people dont get too near im pretty awesome to be around.
    but then again. how is it to controll my anger? im selfish, i lived on others and im kinda a patological liar, but i really dont want my anger to spoil my plans for the future.

  2. Petra

    Dear Dr Dutton

    thank you very much for all your hard work and research as well as writing this amazing books. I wished I would have been aware of your research and the gravity of this topic before I became a target of such a creature who assassinated my identity and took down every pillar of my life. On top of it the real psychopath slandered me in the worst way and portrayed me as a psychopath and only therefore I started researching this breathtaking topic. As incredible it sounds but a psychopath makes you doubt everything even your own sanity thus your book was the first step of my healing journey and I can not thank you enough for it, you literally saved my sanity. I was already clinically diagnosed as definitely not a psychopath and your test results confirm it as well 9 out of 33 keep up the great work!

  3. Clarissa Cole

    Fun quiz! Of course, one is rating themselves – not a very good diagnostic measure, lol! I love connecting with others in the field (and just so you know, I got “below average” 😉

  4. Paulina

    Where in london can I get professional, tests-based sociopath diagnosis ?

  5. John

    31/33 | Yeah, pretty high..
    I would very much like to do a real pcl-r or something like it to get an exact score.
    I admire your work Mr. Dutton, keep it up.

  6. C. Dynthe

    Thanks, i have now a big problem to choose between two men and in my opinion both have psychopatic symptoms and i don’ t know, how to decide right. They tell me, that i am the Person with problems and they are always right.
    The Future with Mr. Husband seems to be sad, he needs me as someone who cleans up and stay at home and be a nurse if he is getting older. My needs are not met.
    The Other one told me about a wonderful future with him, but he wants just to go his own way more comfortable with my help.
    Maybe both are wrong but i am afraid, how to live my own life.
    This Test helps me, to see, that i am on the right way.

    • Peter

      Im in a high assesment on the psychopathy scale scoring 30/33 on most tests and diagnosis. I find that my relationships are much more easy to manage when I talk about a future with the person im with at the time though I rarely believe it will come true it brings a sense of security to my prospective other. I cant tell the future and their trust makes the actual occurence more likely in the future so I feel better telling them what they want to hear because it makes it more likely to come true if they stick around. I mean if they want me to love them but they are always insecure and needy how am I suppose to respect that? I like picking girls with low self esteem or easily manipulated because then I can read them better and can help keep them happy because I can tell what they are thinking and feeling by looking at them. I can do that with most people but certain people have a certain musk of desperation for attention and a deep longing to be led that I can pick up just by looking at them. My current girl is a train wreck in the relationship field and seems to have a predilection for picking guys who dont give a shit. I actually do give a shit which is strange cause I normally dont, it might be because she takes care of more needs than any girl Ive met before and constantly tries to make me happier. I love her for that, or atleast like her for it. But honestly we could break up tomorrow and the first thing id care about is getting the shirt I lent her last week that she wears to bed back. I mean I dont want to hurt her but she knows that its a risk dating and she chose to fall in love with my bad boy charm. Im just doing what I want and so is she so lets hope those two paths stay connected.
      Hope the insight into the way my head works help shed some light on your conundrum.

    • Aurora Clarke

      Gosh, hope you have the sense to walk away from both! Better to be single than a life of servitude or aiding another in their total comfort. As one half of a union you deserve to get as much as you give!

  7. Nanda M.S.

    Taking this test despite very helpful to a have better insight into myself, it somehow raise a question that, if a certain psychopath trait is a definitive trait to be a succesfull person, meanwhile my test’s analysis stated that I’m tend to avoid risk and confrontation whilst preserving my inner conscience and awareness, do I have a lesser chance to become a success or maybe I’m afraid of taking every opportunity not because the effort to do so but the uncertainty of the result?
    Do people with psychopath trait without a tendency of violence doesn’t have any anxiety toward the end result of any effort?
    I’ve always been under impression that “psychopath” is a synonym for “bad” but now somehow I need to see the side of that


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